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Pics from Minsk 2019 concert and rehearsals



Pics from the Minsk Belarussian Rock Festival






Pictures from January 12, 2008 Pianos gig



Suzorie in June 2007
at Reaktor, Minsk
A "Fortuna" moment...
The last chords of "Vesenny Den"
(Spring Day)
Alexander Nesterovich on keys and Andrei Starikov on bass.
new rdm07 combo compare
New RDM07 combo
compared to Carvin Vintage 33
light inlays

Fun project-

LED's on the neck of my 1993 Strat Plus. I also did a partial scalloping from 15th fret up, only half of neck width.Fingerboard was purchased from Stewart MacDonald's, very nice 1/4" rosewood. The hardest part was to get rid of original Fender fingerboard, which was very thin and brittle. Now neck has that great fat feel to it, and I cannot get lost in the darkness :-)




Beautiful winter of 2007 in New York!
Happy Halloween 2006!

RDM05 head with matching cabinet, equipped with 10 and 12 inches Jensen Neo series speakers in open back enclosure. Each speaker rated at 100W RMS and sports Neodymium magnets . Cabinet weight is 32 pounds!


119th AES Convention
in New York!

October 8th, 2005

Rupert Neve, still discrete, still the best!



119th AES Convention
in New York!

Aaton and Gotham Sound booth

119th AES Convention
in New York!

This guy actually played that axe...

Peter Schneider and Nick Huston of Gotham sound, recording our gig with Moose at Corner Stage, Luna Lander fits on two tables!
My mandolin
My new favorite toy, the ultimate octave-up,
plus chorus!

At NYC Guitar show, Oct.12, 2003
Well, girls love Ring Modulators!


At NYC Guitar show, Sept. 14 &15, 2002
  Tweedy effect row

Far left: Tweedy blues driver and treble booster.

Upper row: 393 Distortion; Fuzz+Octave;Tremolo(3-knob version ); Compressor; 60's Fuzz

Lower row: Super divider(black tolex);Tweedy;Ring Modulator; 4007 Distortion; Phaser.

glowing in the dark
Night life
me and my guitarsMy main axe


Some of my beloved guitars and the main axe - scalloped neck from Warmoth, ash body from Stewart-McDonald, Wilkinson tremolo, Sperzels, Seymour Duncan Duckbucker, Heavy Blues and HS-2 DiMarzio's

1981 box
Distortion from 1981. Observe absence of regular push button footswitch, that one used lever action (sort of WAH pedal) to flip DPDT switch.
my shop

Get your tube amp fixed, modified, rebuilt and tuned- up
got milk?
And never use tube that looks like this ...
1969 snapshot
Year 1969 was goosd for music and semiconductor technology. Yeah, it's me with soldering iron.
Tal rocks!
Rock & Roll will never die ...
Perfect age to start practicing Theremin!

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