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NEW!    2017 Full album: FUZZ YOU

01 Double Shot.mp3 02 CB Stomp.mp3 03 Wahka.mp3
04 Fallen Apple.mp3 05 Talk Around The Clock.mp3 06 Just Because.mp3
07 Lion's Grave.mp3 08 Cemetery Train.mp3 09 Six Leaf Clover.mp3
10 You'll Miss Me.mp3 11 Living Fractals.mp3 12 No Trouble.mp3
13 I Fall.mp3 14 Focking Allright.mp3 15 Job Interview.mp3

Red Coral- from 2020 CD

Hamster Wheel - from 2020 CD

Jam track:Funky Time - funk in Bm, tempo=110bpm

August 15th, 2019 Minsk show -pics here!

All new stuff is easy to find and watch at my Youtube channel


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Belarus Project CD
The name of this CD is "Rodnaje" (which means "cherished").

Ready for purchase at CD Baby.com

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Rastop-Macaluso-Kozlovski (AKA T-34) at Otto's


DVD from gig at Pianos on January 12th, 2008 - available now!
Check Youtube for videos!

Here's some pictures from that gig.
Musicians: Hannah Fairlight- guitar and vocals
John Macaluso- drums
Jack Maiorino- bass
Jerry Z- keyboards
Mark The Harper- vocals and harmonica

The show at Reaktor club included the rare performance by the original Suzorie members: Andrei Filatov, Andrei Kozlovsky, Alexander Nesterovich. Andrei Starikov played bass.
Do search for "Suzorie" at YouTube.com for a video clip.
Some reviews of the show you can read HERE


June 29th, 2007
Thanks to efforts by Yuri Halezin and Vitaly Novikov, I played a show at Reaktor club in Minsk. The rythm section ( pictured here- Alexander Sapega and Igor Satsevich) and a backup band happened to be the famous "Apple Tea", known for their contemporay jazz music. Krama's dudes sat in for "Eyesight To The Blind".

Apple Tea musicians:
Igor Satsevich- bass
Igor Luty- saxophones
Alexander Sapega-drums
Konstantin Goriachi- keyboards
Michael Filipenya-guitars
Tanja Ligorskaja-vocals

Also Krama's guys:
Alexander Vankevich- bass
Igor Voroshkevich- harmonica

On stage with Krama - Igor Voroshkevich on harmonica and Alexander Vankevich on bass.

My 50th Birthday party at Pianos bar in NYC was recorded and mixed on this CD and DVD!
Go to pictures page for some nice shots from the show!
Go to www.myspace.com-rastopstringtop and check out some videos!
I'll put more videos on Youtube.com, ASAP ;-)

Alexander Rastopchin- gtrs, Theremin
Mark The Harper- vocals, harmonica
Hannah Fairlight-gtrs, vocals
Irving Grossman-trumpet
Jack Maiorino-bass
Mike Fumento-drums

1.Lonely Avenue
2.Just One Night
3.Immigrant Song
4.Steamboat To Rio
5.Little Schoolgirl
7.Living Trunk
8.Eyesight To The Blind
9.Walking Through The Park

©2007 rastopdesigns records

John's album is out! Check some mp3s and reviews at his site.

October 25th, 2006

John Macaluso is finishing his latest record, which will include some of my playing too!
He did tenderized my banjo skin for best tone (with a meat hammer), can't wait to put a needle on that disk!


2006 cd

August 28th, 2006
My new CD "Wind Of Change" has been finished! Listen to some tunes at

©2006 rastopdesigns records


Wet & Wild!

Moose And The Bulletproof Blues Band
at The Red Bank Jazz and Blues Festival, June 3rd, 2006

The rumors are, that after that gig Moose turned into a Goose, that no one can find...


Daineko in da house!

In January 2006 we've hooked up together in NYC, and recorded a homage to late Valentin Puchinsky, his song from Suzorie's glory days "I Still Believe"

While you're listening to it, open "Bird" file and watch me doing some guitar acrobatics back in 1990, from Pesnyary 20th anniversary concert.

I've been doing some new video and audio recordings in my studio, which I hope to disclose pretty soon...
tsunami benefit
tsunami benefit
Sunday, February 13th, 2005
Big Apple Tsunami Relief Benefit at A&M Roadhouse. With Mark The Harper, Barry Harrison on drums and Ivan Bodley on bass.
moose live

This raw live album is the latest addition to My Music page.Those who like slow blues, check this clip out: Moose Live

With Mark Giammario on drums and "Smokin' Jim" on harmonica.
Recorded by Peter Schneider and Nick Huston, using their mobile Luna Lander.

©2004 rastopdesigns records

AR2003 cover

On September 23rd, the last track was mixed down...

"AR 2003"

1. Immigrant Song*
2.She Don't Know
3.Pretty Song
4.Mr. Mom
5.Goodbye My Country
6.Raining (in Wellfleet)
7.Opus 7
8.Going Home* (my homage to Alvin Lee)
9.I Want You Back
10.Rolling Down The Road
12.Goblins In love/Just Calm Down
13.Awesome Adventures In The Toy Closet

©2003 rastopdesigns records

Pieces Of Broken Heart

"Pieces Of Broken Heart"
1. Lazy Sun
2. Blue Funk
3.Cross Bronx Expwy - 1.27Mb
4. Reminiscence - 1.59Mb
5. Mother's Waltz
6. Kabul 84 - 1.04Mb
7. Acoustic Mood
8. Night Surf

©1996,2003 rastopdesigns records
All instrumental music, recorded at the Bronx studio.

Alex & Durand

"Alex & Durand"

1.Poly Intro
2.Little Talk
3.Black Cat Bone
4.Sheik Yerbouti Tango-1.22Mb
(Frank Zappa tribute)
5.My Babe
6.Moonsamba(Carlos Santana tribute)

©1995,2003 rastopdesigns records
With Bleeker street jam warrior Durand Daniel on vocals.Picture was taken at Dan Lynch blues bar.

Russian collection

1989-1993 Collection

1.Night Walker
2.Sweet Freedom
3.No Chance Blues
4.Steamboat To Rio
5.Mumblin' Blues
6.Music Makes Me Feel All Right
7.Grey Hair Rock
9.When A Boy...(Blasted)
10.Last Try(Blasted)
11.Could It Be True?(Blasted)
12.X-mas Night
13.Mysterious Desire

©1995,2003 rastopdesigns records
1989-1991 selected Studio Russian recordings ( my original music, featuring Valery Daineko of Pesnyary fame on vocals) Complete recordings from good old "Doubler" (ran by Alex Gerasimovich) to "Pesnyary" studios, remastered in my Bronx studio.
Tracks 8-11 are from independent movie "Blasted", directed by Nick Grebo and produced by Valery Krechetov in 1992 .Oleg Minakov (AKA "Jagger") sings "Last Try".
DVD of movie "Blasted" is now available.


"History Lesson"

1-4. Live "Suzorie"
5-10.Rare "University"
11,12."Zaremba Band"
©2003 rastopdesigns records

Embryos of Belarus Rock circa 1979-1981
The pipes you see on the picture- famous RTI-
designed music lights wall in cafe "Suzorie".

And some live blues:

With Mark The Harper - from Manny's, Chicago Blues ( you know what
happened to those places, don't you?)

Walking The dog - 2.35Mb wav

With Roxy Perry, live from Weststrand, Kingston.
Drowning on Dry land - 2.3Mb

Clip from "Pesnyary" show at UN, 1991-1.46Mb. wmv
For more videos go to My Space

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cornerstage gig

With Moose & The Bulletproof Blues Band at the Corner Stage, Middletown, NY

May 1, 2004

Rocking at Pussycat Lounge with Portia Girl and mighty John Macaluso on drums
With Mark The Harper at the A&M Roadhouse

December 20th, 2003
Under the pickguard
Will I ever get out?
Moose doing some bulletproof singing in my studio.
September 2003.
Cape Cod
On "AR 2003"
I've used most of my hand-made rastopdesigns effects,
with a little help from Digitech's
TALKER . All bass parts were
recorded through Bass Distortion-EQ.
Tune #6 "Raining(In Wellfleet)" was written in Cape Cod at Rossi's compound , during the
rainy days of annual Super-Jam.
Richard Epstein plays vintage
Ludwig and Rogers drums.
Really big ones too...
at Manny's

Far left -happy sliding at Manny's

Halloween with Mark The Harper

Blues minute
"A beautiful New York minute". Sunday Dec 16, 2001.
Kneeling l-r:Greg Schwark, Darrell Bridges, Bob Unger, Linda Gioia, Eileen Murphy, Punchy Sessoms, Frankie Paris, Max the dog, Princess Capri, unidentified, David Barnes, Noah"Red Heat" Landfield, David Keyes, Jake Keyes, Joseph "Reverend Easemore" Henry, Leroy "Dr.Lovefingers" Foster Sr.
Standing l-r: Joseph A. Rosen, Rita Weigand, Michael Hill, Bob Putigano, Bill Perry, Liz Smith, Mark Mancini, Kerry Kearney, Frank Celenza, J.J. Bell, Johnnie Allen, Mark The Harper, Venson, Blaine Whittle, Anthony Cane, John Palucci, Alexander Rastopchin, Jan London, Tom Brumley, Martin wright, unidentified, Arnie Goodman, Todd Wolfe, unidentified, Jonathan Kalb, unidentified, Sam Taylor, Jon Paris, John Lawson, Johnnie "Tasty" Parker, Poppa Chubby, Andrew Story, Everett boyd, VD King, Buddy Fox, Matt Feinberg, David Bernett Cohen, Kim Koz, Bill Sims Jr., Jason Hardy, Michael P. Norberg, unidentified, Naqaash Dorrell, unidentified, David "Brother Dave" Letiger, Robert Elliott, Pete Cummings, Mike Delugo, Bill McClelland, Bill "Double B" Blend, Seth Lief
" Big City Blues" magazine, photo by Robert Jr Whitall
June 13, 2001
Glenn Branca's Symphony #13 for 100 guitars at World Trade Center
Sliding down the Florida's shore...
Leningrad, July 1988, with "Pesnyary". Holding B.C.Rich Eagle equipped with Kahler tremolo and DiMarzio's.
Homesick in Vietnam...
holy macro!
"Suzorie" on BTV

Rock group "Suzorie" at it's heyday, right before
successful disbanding by hard-core communist authorities

Check out my latest recording dedicated to Valentin Puchinsky's memory, with a little help from Valery Daineko
"I Still Believe"

Kabul 1984
Rare picture from Afghanistan, 1984,
leaning on my Ibanez Performer. With Victor Vouyachich band.
Blasted photo
Far left - me and Alex Kozlovsky in Vladimir City, touring Mother Russia

From "Blasted" movie photoshoot
Clothes circa 1944
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